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We need your help! Out of area developers have long been known for irresponsible development, and our efforts to preserve and protect this endangered coastal bluff, and its habitat and wildlife, will be a costly and lengthy battle. There is no tomorrow when the danger is real today. This is a story about a beautiful and precious property and real people who care - we all lose if we don't succeed here - and elsewhere. Protect coastal California and give us your support. Share us with others who can help!

We need your support, and urge you to donate, or e-mail us today! Tomorrow may be too late ....

This prominent landmark bluff has long been known as a beautiful and natural entry and viewpoint for visitors entering Encinitas. The bluff is now at imminent risk for development - past and current efforts have proposed plans which would alter and impact the natural beauty and landscape of this invaluable property, be detrimental to adjacent already preserved habitat, create possible public safety and other issues, and the result could be a truly tremendous loss to our community, to our county, and to our State of California.

The bluff is an irreplaceable remnant of native California, harboring plants, protected bird species including the gnatcatcher and small animals that are all too swiftly disappearing from California's southern coast - so many are threatened and are endangered . The preservation of the bluff is of great importance to the Batiquitos Lagoon Ecological Reserve, provides wildlife connectivity, protects the open spaces of Encinitas, and has irreplaceable environmental value.

Save Our Bluffs is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and protecting the Gateway to Encinitas and other endangered coastal properties and open space in Encinitas.

HELP US TODAY! Your donation is tax deductible and is key to our efforts to protect and preserve the Gateway to Encinitas, the beauty and nature of our community and open space, and our neighborhood.

Save Our Bluffs has raised early $20,000 through the years, to fund technical work, the appraisal, and employ environmental attorneys who have raised important legal challenges to the City staff, State and developers. Donations are tax deductible - visit our Contact Us page to get details about direct donations. or